MNAC - Rua Capelo

entry: General Conditions


Fulfilling its collaborative DNA, MNAC has been creating several partnerships for years, within the scope of strengthening its historical relations with FBAUL, particularly in academic actions, in the organization of international congresses and meetings, in the editing of publications and also in holding some exhibitions. To deepen this partnership, and at a time when the installation of air conditioning, within the scope of the PRR, forced us to close spaces and condition others, the dismantling of a temporary wall that hid the air conditioning installation work in the Oven Room constituted the perfect pretext (given the amount of material that, due to its characteristics, could be reused) to launch a challenge to FBAUL sculpture students. 

The mentioned intervention in the museum to install air conditioning kept the Capelo Wing unable to host exhibition activities for several months. Following a creative intervention proposed by Regina Branco and António Faria (“Art(e)conditioning. Maintenance of the artistic object”), the idea also arose to propose to the students who received the material for recycling a laboratory intervention, in the same space. 
In this specific context, the presentation of the works was designed by the museum (and proposed to the students) as if it were an extension of the college's workshops, with the advantage of not only publicly showing the product of their creativity but also opening the museum’s door to them (a space that – we hope – can be familiar), for a first experience with a collaborative organization.  

The results are visible and, from my point of view, highlight the creative capabilities of those involved. Using the same base material (wooden chipboard, whose dimensions – “2 by 1 and a half” – gave the exhibition its name), the artistic proposals that emerged present a diversity of formal, poetic languages, which problematize various issues, from space to sustainability and politics, from self to other.

Emília Ferreira

Director of the National Museum of Contemporary Art


ARTISTS // Aires Gama, Bernardo Cantigas, Diogo MM Nunes, Filipa Batista, Francisco Figueiredo Lopes, Guilhermo Hitos, Ildefonso Pontes, Luzia Alves, Madalena Eloi, Pedro de Sousa Serafim, Thailo Faria, Vera Vilhena