Shop and Coffee Shop


Interior of the store

The first store in a national museum with representation of prestigious national design and production brands, from industry to manufacturing, represents a new aspect that will be supported by its own promotion program, which includes,  among other events, the Portugal Faz Bem Meetings, dedicated to promoting the founders and creation stories of each brand invited to the store. In this renovated space, located in an area of ​​enormous cultural value, and already integrating the cultural program of the Quarteirão das Artes Chiado, you will find the usual bookstore, with MNAC editions and other art publications, but also a showcase for multiple and original of contemporary Portuguese artists and design pieces from reputable, historic, award-winning and inclusive brands, all with national signature.

The Shop / Bookstore is open to the public in the Museum's Schedule and are accessible through the Museum's two entrances:
Rua Serpa Pinto, 4
Capelo Street, 13

The DGPC's online catalog can be consulted at

Friends of the Museum enjoy a 10% discount on items sold in our store