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D'après Nuno Gonçalves

Pedro Cabral Santo e Hugo Canoilas


Hugo Canoilas, Painéis sem título (podemos ficar todos juntos), from 24.02.2011 to 20.03.2011

Pedro Cabral Santo, Sem Dó, com Ré, from 24.03.2011 to 24.04.2011

With the aim of exhibiting contemporary works that might directly or indirectly relate to paintings attributed to Nuno Gonçalves (the Painéis de São Vicente, São Vicente na cruz em aspa, and others), as well as themes related to or derived from his work, such as “the controversy surrounding the panels”, “the transverseness of Nuno Gonçalves’s work in Portuguese art”, “possible links between the panels and contemporaneous works produced in Europe”, the FBAUL, via its Research Centre in the Fine Arts, has invited twenty-six artists to take part in a series of exhibitions held at three different venues.
Being a project that aims to cast a reciprocal light on two periods separated by five centuries, on the basis of a founding and probing work in Portuguese culture that serves as a fertile plain of exploration for modern artists, the Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea constitutes a privileged place in which to realise the main goal of the exhibition D’Après Nuno Gonçalves.
At different but successive times, the two artists who are exhibiting at the Sala Polivalente of this Museum (Hugo Canoilas, with his work Painéis sem título (podemos ficar todos juntos), and Pedro Cabral Santo, with his work Sem Dó, com Ré), through their artistic solutions and via diverse expressive media, are enabling us to see, listen to, and scrutinize, in time and in Nuno Gonçalves’s work, dimensions which can only be detected from perspectives established long after the period in which the artist was working. Such perspectives are rooted in present-day reality but deeply and creatively involved in the relentless construction of arcs that interconnect us with other moments in art’s becoming, whether these moments lie in the past or the future.

José Quaresma