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Talk - Is the Earth still whole?

On the occasion of the exhibition Is the Earth still round?, by Cristina Ataíde, MNAC promotes a conversation where art and science intersect, followed by a guided visit to the exhibition

Expected duration: 1h15m


19 September, 17:00

Theme: Performance and pigment. Approximations between rock art and contemporary art

Conversation with the Artist - Cristina Ataíde, Emília Ferreira - Director of MNAC and Andrea Martins* - 
Researcher and Archaeologist at Uniarq - Archeology Center of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Lisbon

* Andrea Martins, archaeologist, born in Lisbon. He completed his PhD in Prehistoric archeology at the University of Algarve, 
and is finishing his post-doctorate at the UNIARQ research center at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Lisbon. 
His area of ​​specialization is Prehistoric Art, defining the periodization of the artistic cycle of recent Prehistory, 
having studied numerous sites with prehistoric paintings and engravings. 

Research Areas: Prehistoric Archaeology; Rock Art; Neolithic; Chalcolithic; Symbolic
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