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A collective imagination

Making a collective design, in which the autonomy of the work prevails in relation to the authors, was the proposal of the project [Portugal entre Patrimónios] presented to all its collaborators and partners, to celebrate its fourth anniversary.

On 4 square sheets of yellow paper, with printed outlines, organized in a larger square of 60x60, each author let the imagination run wild and created an individual record with black-colored scratching materials, on a current theme or their own activity.

The drawings now gathered on the wall of Galeria [PeP], in a free association composition, present unexpected relationships revealing the traces of chance in this creative dynamic. Building on all the partial contributions of this “paper mosaic” one symbolically discovers the synthesis of a whole participatory construction, in which each participant is intentionally unaware of the work developed by the others.

By joining this project, all participants acknowledged a purpose of developing a common ground for action, based on a multiplicity of contents, techniques, readings and references.

Emília Ferreira

Lúcia Saldanha

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